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What is Biodiesel Fuel?
Biodiesel is a premium, all-natural alternative to No.2 diesel fuel. It can be used instead of regular diesel or blended into it as an additive. It is not a fossil fuel. Biodiesel is made from vegetable oils like soy or canola oil that have been recycled from restaurant fryer oil. Biodiesel turns a waste product into something useful. It is a clear, amber liquid that has an energy content similar to kerosene, but burns much cleaner. The chemical term for biodiesel is long-chain, fatty acid methyl esters. Impressive, huh?

Are There Different Kinds of Biodiesel?
Biodiesel is refined to ASTM D 6751 standard and sold in two forms. One is 100% biodiesel and is known generically as B100. B100 can be used in any diesel engine, but usually it is blended with regular no. 2 diesel. B20, a 20% blend of biodiesel (20%biodiesel and 80% regular diesel) is the most popular blend. B20 is the biodiesel blend sold at the pump.

Where Can It Be Used?
Biodiesel or biodiesel blends can be used in any diesel engine. Diesel engines power trucks, cars, buses, generators, locomotives, farm equipment, construction equipment and boats. Any diesel engine, no matter how small or how large can use biodiesel. It can even be used in oil-fired home furnaces.

Do I Have to Modify My Engine?
Biodiesel runs in any diesel engine without modification. Nothing has to be adjusted or changed when using B20.

Can I Mix It in With Regular Diesel Fuel in My Tank?
Biodiesel mixes completely with any amount of regular diesel fuel. Just run it in and rev it up.

What Will It Do for My Vehicle?
    Burns Cleaner.Exhaust smokes less and smells better. B20 reduces soot by 30%, carbon dioxide by 15% and hydrocarbons by 22%. Exhaust has the faint aroma of french fries!

    Lubricates Better.Even a 1% blend of biodiesel improves lubrication of fuel injectors by 40% over regular diesel. Most drivers notice their engine runs quieter.

    Cleans Fuel System.B20 has a mild solvent effect on old diesel residue. Fuel filters should be changed after the first few tankfuls to completely remove dissolved deposits.

    Improves Cetane Rating.Cetane is the diesel equivalent of octane. More is better. Average cetane rating of B20 is 50 (regular diesel averages only 40). Many drivers report smoother engine operation after switching to B20.

    No Drop in Fuel Mileage.B20 averages 1-2% less BTU’s than regular diesel, but most drivers get the same miles per gallon as no. 2 diesel.

What Will It Do for Our Country?
    Stretches Out Our Oil Supply.Biodiesel is a kind of “Hamburger Helper” for regular diesel. Even a B20 blend reduces the amount of fossil fuel we need to burn to get around.

    Improves Safety.Biodiesel is much less volatile than gasoline and has a higher flash point (300 degrees F) than regular diesel. It contains almost no sulphur or nitrogen. It is less toxic than table salt and as biodegradable as sugar! Biodiesel is even used as a clean up technology with oil spills.

    Keeps U.S. Dollars at Home.About 65% of the oil consumed in the U.S. must be imported. Biodiesel is made in the U.S.A. from domestic vegetable oil. This keeps our dollars here at home, not exported to foreign countries. U.S. farmers benefit from the new crop and production opportunities.

    More Efficient Power from a Renewable Source.We get 3.2 units of fuel energy for every unit of fossil fuel consumed in the life cycle of 1 gallon of biodiesel. This includes energy consumed in the transportation and refining of biodiesel. Petroleum diesel actually loses energy (only 0.85 units of fuel energy yield). Biodiesel is made from a renewal raw material: plants. We can always grow more soybeans, but we can’t grow more dinosaurs!

Where Can I Get Biodiesel in Northeast Ohio?
Contact: Biodiesel Cleveland • 1003 Woodlane Drive • Cleveland, OH 44113