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97% of every transportation mile in the U.S. is powered by petroleum. This means that our entire economy literally rolls on oil. Today, we import about 65% of the oil we consume in the U.S. Tomorrow? Who knows? Fortunately, there is a better way to get from point A to point B. There are fuels that are alternatives to fossil fuels.

Alternative fuels diversify our fuel options and increase national security by reducing our dependence on imports. These fuels are also easier on the environment than fossil fuels. Alternative fuels include compressed natural gas, ethanol, methanol, propane, hydrogen, electricity and biodiesel. (For information about these fuels refer to
Biodiesel is the fastest growing alternative fuel in the U.S. Over 40 million miles have been traveled on biodiesel fuel in this country with considerably more miles done in Europe. Our company, Biodiesel Cleveland, LLC., makes and distributes biodiesel additives and biodiesel fuel.